Crash approved 8-10 m with double arm HE

Now our conical lighting poles in lengths of 8, 10 and 12 m with double arms are tested and crash approved according to EN12767.

As usual, the poles are conical in shape and made of high-strength steel with an additional protective coating of Magnelis. This makes them perfectly prepared for rust, blasting or to stand in a wet alkaline foundation. Each pole is guaranteed for 20 years.

Like all Northcone poles, these weigh about 40% less than traditional tube poles. In addition to good quality, they are therefore perfect for those of you who care about the environment.

Our new HE rated double arm poles come as below:

Post NC ECO S80 with 1m double arm 70HE3
Pole NC ECO S100 with 1.5m double arm 100HE2
Post NC ECO S120 with 0.5m double arm 100HE2

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