Crash safe lighting poles

Less environmental impact and better service – all the way.


Our lighting poles both last longer and are more environmentally friendly.

Material & Corrosion

Read more about how our lighting poles are rust-protected.


Facts about standards and laws that apply to lighting poles.

Road safety

Read more about crash properties, which requirements apply and about the Swedish Transport Administration’s regulations.

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About Northcone

- environmentally friendly lighting poles.

We highly value our environment. Already when our lighting pole was developed, one of the main goals was to create a pole that had lower impact on the environment. Today our design and manufacturing technology has resulted in a pole that has both a low weight and a longer lifetime.

The low weight of course contributes positively to transport and handling, but above all, the lower material consumption gives positive environmental effects. A lifecycle analysis, LCA, shows that the overall environmental impact throughout the life cycle is significantly reduced compared to other alternatives in the market.

Selection of lighting poles

NC-ECO S80 E15

Conical, environmentally friendly and HE3 certified straight post with arm.

NC-ECO S120 E20

Conical, environmentally friendly and HE2 certified straight post with arm.


Conical, environmentally friendly and flexible post with double arm.

Road safety

- for a safer traffic environment.

Northcone’s crash-proof posts comply with the SS-EN 12767 standard, which sets standards for crash-proof posts. The standard was produced by the European standardization organization CEN and contains three different tasks:

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