- for a long life.

Already when our pole was on the R&D drawing board, one of the main goals was to create a pole that had lower impact on our environment.

Miljövänliga produkter Northcone

Environmental friendly products

- for those of you who work with environmental declarations.

Today, our lighting poles are unique with their low material weight and long, sustainable life. This makes the poles considerably more environmentally friendly than other poles on the market.

We have now produced a document called EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).We were the first lighting pole manufacturer to come up with this and hope that it will make it easier for those of you who work with environmental and climate declarations. This is the third step in our work towards a lower environmental and climate impact.

Recyclable material

- creates the possibility of circularity.

For example the leaching of zinc to nature is almost non-existent. When the pole finally reaches the end of its life, all material is recyclable, and a new post can be manufactured from an old pole.

The fact that we use 30% less steel and zinc gives us major environmental advantages during manufacturing and transportation. Looking at the whole process from manufacturing to recycling, we have a significantly lower carbone footprint. In comparison to hot galvanized poles 20 Northcone poles save as much as 1 ton carbone dioxide during the lift cycle.


- lower environmental impact.

Our factory in Borlänge only uses electricity from ecolabelled hydropower or wind power. We also do not use any wet paint, which is a process that requires solvents. If you want the pole painted we offer this via powder coating or thermal coating. Both methods use closed systems without solvents.

If you look at the total environmental impact according to the methods ReCiPe (total impact), IPCC GWP 100 (climate impact) and USEtox (toxics) it turns out that our posts have as much as 10-50% lower environmental impact compared to traditional poles.

In addition to our good values ​​regarding global impact, there is another advantage. The extremely low leaching of material contributes to the fact that the pole’s immediate environment is not affected by heavy metals. Sensitive ecosystems, species worth protecting and wet environments can be found near roads and its drainage systems.

In short, when you buy a lighting pole from Northcone, you make a sustainable and climate smart choice.

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