Vision and core values

- quality, innovation, environment.

Our vision is that our lighting poles should lead to increased road safety and reduced environmental impact. Our core values are – quality, innovation, environment.


- products and production.

We know that our poles can help to save lives, both on roads and in the environment in general. We also know how it is to be a customer and installer, where both budget and time can be limited with no room for mistakes or delays. That is why we take our products and our production very seriously – both in they way we design our poles, the reason for using material Magnelis with C5 corrosion protection, as in how we have built our manufacturing and logisticprocess. Nothing should go wrong.

When you buy from us we want you to feel safe for a long time to come. We have improved and fine tuned our design and manufacturing set up for many, many years. Even today, we also carry out a number of quality checks along the way. Both on incoming goods, our own production, as well as via random samples out in the field. We also carry out annual external audits of our factory. This is done by the independent agency, RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), according to the EU standard EN40.

Overall, we feel confident to say that our lighting posts and manufacturing process is among the most reliable on the market. This is also why we dare to go out with the market’s highest product warranty – 20 years!

Innovation northcone


- within 3D roll forming.

Our collision proof lighting poles are manufactured via a unique method for variable cross sections, so-called 3D roll forming. The roll forming technology enables very fast and efficient manufacturing of high strength steel poles in combination with the possibility of new types of coatings – in our case Magnelis. The process results in posts with very high structural strength, while the thin material thickness causes the post to yield and effectively reduce a vehicle’s speed during a possible collision.

Our posts are a breakthrough in park and road lighting. No other lighting posts are made, look or perform like ours.


- design and manufacturing technology.

We highly value our environment. Already when our lighting pole was developed, one of the main goals was to create a pole that had lower impact on the environment. Today our design and manufacturing technology has resulted in a pole that has both a low weight and a longer lifetime.

The low weight of course contributes positively to transport and handling, but above all, the lower material consumption gives positive environmental effects. A lifecycle analysis, LCA, shows that the overall environmental impact throughout the life cycle is significantly reduced compared to other alternatives in the market.

An additional advantage of our poles and our surface coating of magnelis, is that the poles in total affects nature with a lot less zinc. When the post finally reaches the end of its lifetime, all material is also recyclable.

In our factory in Borlänge we only use electricity from renewable sources. We also do not use any wet paint, which is a process that requires solvents.

If you look at the total environmental impact according to the methods ReCiPe (total impact), IPCC GWP 100 (climate impact) and USEtox (toxins) it turns out that our posts have as much as 10-50% lower environmental impact compared to traditional poles.

We are approved according to Swedish Byggvarubedömningen, Basta and Sunda Hus.

Northcon’s lighting poles are therefore the natural choice, whether you want to exceed existing environmental and sustainability goals or simply make a positive difference for the future.

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