NC straight arm in stock

Now NC straight arms are back in stock and can be ordered extra if the standard arm would not fit into the environment. The arm is a single arm with a length of 1.5 m.

Also open on Christmas Eve!

Like last year, our manufacturing facility in Borlänge is at full speed and we will try to stay open as long as we can, even during Christmas. Everything to be able to guarantee that we have time to get all orders out on time and also to be able to handle new orders that come […]

Smaller foundations for 3m and 5m

We have now made a design improvement which means that our poles 3, 4 and 5 m now also fit in the smaller Cetong 108P/700 GUL foundations (E-no. 7778660).

Can an environmentally friendly alternative save money?

You read a lot about what our four-legged friends cause and it is so easy that an accident is ahead for both them and people if the pole does not have protection along the bottom. There are various alternatives on the market such as Rotlacka (Wet Lacquer) at the bottom of the post This is […]

There are now new pole lengths

Now we can offer more pole lengths such as 3.5 m, 4.5 m, 5.5 m and 6.5 m of our environmentally friendly and durable poles.

The E:4 lights up…

Now is the time to start lighting up the E4 Ljungby–Toftanäs with NC environmental poles. The extremely low leaching of material contributes to the post’s immediate environment not being affected by heavy metals. Sensitive ecosystems, protected species and wetlands can be found near roads and their drainage systems.

Now the opportunity to use Luja Betoni foundations of 10m

In order for you as a customer to have greater freedom in choosing the foundation for our products, we have now developed a new complementary wedge ring for our crash-proof poles 10m. The new wedge ring means that the pole not only fits the SJ4/1500 as before, but now also fits the Luja Betoni RBJ-5B6 […]