Can an environmentally friendly alternative save money?

You read a lot about what our four-legged friends cause and it is so easy that an accident is ahead for both them and people if the pole does not have protection along the bottom.

There are various alternatives on the market such as Rotlacka (Wet Lacquer) at the bottom of the post This is done to get a high Corrosivity Class and b.a. to prevent the post from rusting. What you have to keep in mind is that this must be maintained over time in order for it to retain its properties.

But there is a more environmentally friendly and durable alternative in our Northcone poles which are coated with Magnelis® on the entire pole. Magnelis® stands up to the needs of our friends and is significantly stronger than, among other things, root varnish, and you don’t need to touch up over time, but it is a self-healing material.

This means that if you choose Northcone poles, you get an environmentally friendly alternative and save, among other things, “tax money”

“Dog piss costs the municipality a quarter of a million”

SR Sept 2018

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