E-Nr: 7771362

About the product

  • Light point height 100 meters
  • Bottom diameter 187 mm
  • Top diameter 60 mm
  • Weight 90 kg
  • Door opening 70 x 400 mm
  • Hatch height center 1200 mm above ground
  • Cover with MRT-T M6x16 A2 RF security screw
  • Prepared for pole use
  • Meets load requirements according to SS-EN40
  • Terrain factor II and load category A
  • Ref wind 26 m/s
  • Luminaire area 0.16 sq.m
  • Luminaire weight 12 kg
  • Straight pole without arm
  • Mounted with foot plate
  • Environmental impact (ReCiPe, IPCC GWP 100, USETox) approx. 10-50% lower than traditional product
  • Delivered with fitted hatch
  • Has fasteners for ground cable and pole insert.
  • All mounts include screws
  • Rek pole insert type Fingal Johnsson STS, ENSTO LFB16
  • Spare part door E 77 714 07
  • Technical lifespan 35 years in C4 environment.
  • 20 year product warranty.
  • Can be powder coated.
  • Can be varnished (however, our basic protection in magnelis already gives 35 years of technical life).

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