Now also offers double arm and crown

At the same time, we are expanding the range with the new products 1.5 m double arm, 0.5 m 3-crown and 0.3 m 4-crown. The design of the arms is based on a rounded shape, which both gives a classic expression, but at the same time simplifies the cable entry. The arms are hot-dip galvanized […]

New design and simpler arms

In order to have an easier cable feed-through when assembling our arms, we have now updated the design. The new design has a more rounded shape, which makes it easier to get the electric cable past the corner. From now on, the new design on the arm will become our standard design. However, the old […]

Installation hatch now less sharp

Several installers have given us feedback that the electrical cabinet door has previously been too sharp and therefore risked causing cuts. In order to avoid this, we have now therefore added an extra burr to the edges, which means that the edges are now much softer – a perhaps small, but oh so important improvement!

New park pole 7 m

As we have recently received more and more requests for 7 m park and street poles with arm and footpath arm, we are now therefore releasing this into our standard range. The pole is available with or without a 1.5 m arm, as well as with or without a GC arm. The pole can be […]

Installation through footplate

From now on, we can also offer installation on both barrier or concrete foundations via our new foot plate. The base plate is uniquely designed for our conical shape where the lighting pole is easily attached to the base plate via an invisible, but simple screw insert. The base plate fits our resilient lighting poles […]

20 year product warranty

Quality and reliability are extremely important to us! We want you as a customer to feel confident that the lighting poles you order or install from us will last for a long, long time. Thanks to our unique manufacturing method, years of testing, and our quality consciousness, we are confident that we can live up […]

Releases Walk-Cycle arm

Now we are finally releasing our GC (walk cycle) arm for our conical, compliant and environmentally friendly light poles 6, 7, 8 and 10 m with or without arm. The GC arm is 0.5 m long and sits neatly integrated without ugly connections or buckles. The lighting poles with GC arm are like all our […]

Our products now have E-no

For you as a customer, we have now made it easier to find and order our lighting poles thanks to E-numbers. You can find our E-numbers next to each respective product on the website. Get in touch if you have more questions. To get to our product page click here.

Northcone at Elfack 2019

On May 7-10, Northcone will exhibit at the Elfack fair at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.In addition to answering questions, we will, among other things, display a range of new products, eg GC arm, double arm and foot plate. You will find us at stand G00:05. Please come by!

Feel free to visit us at the Umeå Elmässan

On August 28-29 we will be exhibiting at the Elmässan at Nolia in Umeå. In addition to answering questions, we will be showcasing a range of new products such as the GC arm, single arm and footplate. You will find us in stand D:07. Please come by!