Revolutionary lighting poles!

Lighter, more environmental friendly and better protected against corrosion and blasting.


1. Easier installation - 30% less weight

Despite the fact that Northcone's lighting posts are crash safe and extremely strong, they are made of only 2 mm steel. We are unique with this and this is a result of our patented design. The fact that we use less steel means that the pole weighs 30% less than most other poles. This makes them much easier to handle during installation. You can easily carry the smaller posts yourself.

2. Better protection against corrosion and blasting

Northcone's posts are made of high-strength steel, coated with a unique mix of zinc, aluminum and 3% magnesium - called Magnelis®. The fact that the post itself is made of high-strength steel means that it has a higher "tensile and breaking point" than soft steel used in a pipe post. This makes the surface considerably harder and therefore more protective against scratches, stones, bumps and other damage.

Our metal coating of Magnelis® is also much harder and more scratch-resistant than other post-treatments such as hot dip galvanizing and Rotlack (plastic). In comparison, a lot more force is needed to scratch or damage the surface of our posts. This means that they are much better equipped for blasting and small vibrations in a foundation.

We also have a third protective layer - the so-called magnesium oxide layer. This is a layer that is only available on our posts and which helps to protect against scratches and rust.

Magnelis® also has a very effective self-healing process and heals on its own scratches up to 6 mm wide (hot dipped galvanizing can handle up to 1 mm). The healing process comes from galvanic movements where electrons move to create electrical balance.

Magnelis® can also withstand higher pH values ​​(higher alkalic environments) than, for example, hot-dip galvanizing and aluzinc. Wet concrete often has a pH of about 12, while dry cement has slightly lower. Magnelis can withstand values ​​up to PH 12, and is therefore well equipped to stand in a wet and alkalic foundation.

Overall, Magnelis® has been tested and approved by SITAC for use in C5 environments up to 15 years (ie C5 environment 24/7 365 days/year). In Sweden there are only a few location that reach up to C4, and this is not even every day of the year. Independent tests therefore show that we have a technical life time of at least 35 years. You, as the customer, do not have to worry that the posts will rust or break for a long, long time.

3. Crash safe HE & NE according to EN12767

Our posts have been developed, tested and approved according to EN 12767. Our highest-rated poles are rated according to 100HE3. Each lighting post comes with a Prestandadeklaration.

4. We give 20-years product warranty on all products

Thanks to our unique design, our surface coating of Magnelis® and all our manucaturing tests and tests on the field, we are confident in providing a 20-year product warranty on all our lighting posts. For each post you get a Product warranty certificate.

5. Less environmental impact

Our lighting posts are unique with their low material usage and long, durable life time.

As an example, the leaching of zinc to nature is almost non-existent. The extremely low leaching of material contributes to the fact that the pole's immediate environment is not affected by heavy metals. Sensitive ecosystems, protected species and wet environments can be found near roads and its drainage systems.

The factory in Borlänge uses only electricity from eco labelled hydropower or wind power. Manufacturing also does not use wet paint, which is a process that otherwise requires solvents. More eco friendly options are offered via powder coating or thermal coating. These two methods are more environmentally friendly as they operate in closed systems without solvents.

When the posts finally reaches the end of its life, all materials are recyclable, and from an old post a new one can be manufactured. The fact that we use 30% less steel and zinc gives us major environmental advantages during manufacturing and transportation. Looking at the whole process from manufacturing to recycling, we have a significantly lower carbone footprint. In comparison to hot galvanized poles 20 Northcone poles save as much as 1 ton carbone dioxide during the lift cycle.

Looking at the total environmental impact according to the methods ReCiPe (total impact), IPCC GWP 100 (climate impact) and USEtox (poisons),  studies show that Northcon's lighting poles overall have as much as 10 -50% lower environmental impact compared to traditional posts.

Read more about our work here here

6. Conical design

All of our lighting posts are conical and polygonal (12 edges) and are available in lengths 3-12 meters, with or without arms. The posts can also be painted in thermoplastics or powder coatings up to 10 m. All posts are installed in standard foundations with wedge ring and cover. The wedge ring does not require the use of adjusting screws (which rust) and the wedge ring is also designed to let go of running water.