Delivery time

Normally, we can manufacture and ship all our lighting pole products (not RAL coloured) within 3 weeks. Final delivery confirmation is always available at order confirmation. The factory is closed during Christmas / New Year and normally 2 weeks during summer.

Shipping cost

Freight rates vary based on package size, availability of trucks and where the package is being sent. Final shipping price is available at order confirmation. In order to get as fast and smooth transport booking as possible, it is important that you as the customer give us the final address as early as you can, and also notify any need for unloading support such as truck or crane.


We deliver Ex Works. This means that once we have produced the poles for you, the responsibility of the goods will be passed to you as a customer. It is therefore important that you (or the transport company) carefully inspects the goods before loading, and when it arrives on site. In case of damage, contact the transport company directly, or get back to us so that we can help.


Make sure the delivery address is approved for heavy traffic and a truck with a trailer. If the goods cannot be delivered by truck and a trailer to the site, the goods need to be transported by crane truck, which then becomes an extra cost. Also make sure that there is a fork lift on site to unload the poles.