About Northcone

Northcone AB develops collision proof lighting poles of high strength steel. The poles are manufactured in our patented 3D-roll forming factory in Borlänge, Sweden. The new innovative technology enables a high speed manufacturing process and a unique lighting pole construction.

Our goal is that our lighting poles should increase road safety and at the same time reduce the environmental impact. Quality to us i very important. That's why we provide 20 years warranty on all our products.

Northcone is part of ORTIC Group, which develops, manufactures and markets value added roll forming technology. The business is divided in three main areas; machinery, contract manufacturing and own products. ORTIC Group is the leading company in its field of operation, with customers within construction, automotive, telecom and industry.

Northcone AB was founded 2009 by the mother company ORTIC 3D AB, situated in Borlänge, Sweden.